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Why Weaponsmart?

Being Online Consumers and Sourcing Products ourselves to resell. We realized there needs to be a better way to Shop for Quality Products. We all are overwhelmed by having to look through pages of Similar Merchandise, that no one wants, to get to the 3 Products a Manufacturer produced that we are interested in. Then only find the same Stock Images and Generic Descriptions available everywhere.

We are bringing the best the industry has to offer, with no nonsense reviews and testing. We don't carry everything, Just what works. Tired of the Forum Experts, and B.S. Marketing Claims, then welcome to "Intelligent Solutions and Selection"

Why was finding good detailed images and honest descriptions about a Product only found after visiting a half dozen forums/blogs and sifting through theoretically conjecture?

Could we produce a Website / E-Commerce Platform that would Selectively offer the few wanted products out of the Premium Product lines?

Could we have different Views and Photos that aren't offered by the Manufactures?

Could we write Descriptions that actually mean Something to your interest in the Product?

Could we Test and Review products because we want intelligent, common sense based information?

Could we offer that Objective information without being concerned about pissing off a Manufacturer?

We have set off to answer these questions.

"Weapon Smart" for the Common Sense, Intelligence based approach to Firearms, Knives, Gear, and Accessories.

"Weapons Mart" for the Selection of Products that are offered in an easy to navigate flow.

We encourage all Feedback, Good or Bad as long as it's based in Reason.

The Goal of is showing an answer to all these questions.


  • Offer Select Products from Select Premium Manufactures
  • Easily find what your looking for
  • Descriptions that someone who has used the product writes
  • Photos that show detail and alternative views
  • Update with New and Innovative Products weekly
  • Listen to our Customers and Care about Service
  • Use Common Sense approach for all we do

  • It would be our Honor if you would join our Family. Thank You for your Support.

We're not afraid to talk to you. Need help or just don't like placing orders over the Net? Contact Us by Phone 208 413-9090. We'll happily wait for a check or money order.

Shop smart. Shop Weapons Mart.

Jay Plechner
Owner, CEO, Operator